Bankruptcy & Creditors Rights

Our firm offers creative, practical solutions to walk you through business or personal financial hardship.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when business or personal financial problems arise, especially when bankruptcy seems inevitable. Don’t let frustration cloud your ability to make informed decisions. Whether you are a debtor or a creditor, it is important to know your options, rights and potential obligations before and after bankruptcy. WAW attorneys will always take the time to walk you through alternatives, suggest creative solutions and devise practical long-term strategies to protect your financial interests and investments.

Our firm attorneys have successfully defended and prosecuted dozens of creditors in avoidance actions,
including winning several seven figure preference and fraudulent transfer claims in bankruptcy court.

If you are facing financial insolvency issues or need help with debt recovery, contact our experienced team for a consultation. We represent business and individual clients in the following areas of bankruptcy law:

  • Bankruptcy Preference Actions. Our attorneys can guide you through the maze of bankruptcy, taking measures to secure your finances. 
  • Commercial Bankruptcy. WAW can help you file bankruptcy for your commercial business in order to absolve debts and salvage funds.
  • Bankruptcy Litigation. Experienced attorneys will navigate litigation between debtor and creditor in order to provide the most beneficial outcome for both parties.
  • Workouts. WAW attorneys can arrange a workout as a way to repay creditors without the formal proceedings of filing bankruptcy.
  • Restructuring. WAW will work with you to financially restructure your company in order to promote fiscal rehabilitation and the successful resurgence of business.
  • Collection. Whether you’re a debtor or creditor, our attorneys will ensure the rightful amount of compensation is granted to the appropriate party following the hearings.