Let our expert law team help you navigate the complexities of construction law.

There is no substitute for having a well-informed and seasoned law firm on your side when legal issues arise during construction projects of all types. WAW recognizes that owners, architects, contractors, engineers, insurers and others in the construction industry face multiple liabilities for a single issue or event, therefore our construction practice covers many areas of financial and commercial, industrial and residential construction work.

CPAs and business advisors warn that construction litigation can cause a ripple effect of additional expenses ranging from extended field site expenses to indirect “cost of doing business” charges and damages. WAW’s expertise in construction law can head off or mitigate costly legal matters.  

WAW’s construction lawyers have worked extensively in construction law including these areas:

  • Construction contracts. WAW’s attorneys will work with you to complete the necessary paperwork needed to conduct construction projects.
  • Licensing. Obtaining the required licenses to begin construction can be confusing and tedious; experienced attorneys at WAW can work to make sure you have everything you need to get started and stay productive.
  • Real estate and land use.  WAW has worked with residential and commercial developers, government entities, and lending institutions and are experts in all aspects of real estate and land use law.
  • Workplace safety. Keeping ahead of workplace injuries with practical safety measures and policies can be the difference in staying on schedule and within budget or veering off into troublesome delays, overages and time-consuming paperwork.  WAW can advise on best practices to keep your workers safe and the job on track.
  • Environmental regulation. Heading off environmental requirements before construction starts can save significant time and money. Let WAW construction attorneys ensure you are fully informed and prepared to meet mandatory environmental guidelines.
  • Insurance, bonding. WAW can help establish agreements between contractor and client in order to ensure both are satisfied upon the completion of a construction project.
  • Construction delays. In order to avoid miscommunication and costly delays, WAW attorneys will work to manage an acceptable time table as well as establish contingency plans for unforeseen events.
  • Mechanics liens. Our attorneys at WAW can work with you to file a Mechanic’s lien if payment for goods or services has not been fulfilled on a construction or real estate improvement site.
  • Construction disputes. WAW’s counselors will mediate disagreements between parties regarding construction law violations.
  • Construction litigation.  Faced with complex construction litigation? WAW attorneys have the know-how and court skills to walk you through many types of disputes.