Labor & Employment

Advice from a skilled WAW attorney can get you back on track. 

Impartial and knowledgeable guidance about ever-changing state and federal laws intended to create a safe and equitable workplace while also supporting the economic viability of business and industry can be hard to find. WAW can help you navigate the myriad of labor and employment issues you may face in the workplace.


WAW offers expertise in the following areas of labor and employment law:

  • Employment Agreements. WAW can draft contractual agreements between employer and employee outlining expectations and compensation in order to foster the best professional relationship.
  • Wage & Hour Compliance. Operating in accordance to federal wage and hour laws is essential to business operations, and WAW can make sure everything is set to run your company smoothly.
  • HR Risk Management. Parameters established to address risks faced in the workplace can be mediated by WAW to protect both you and your employees.
  • Workers’ Compensation. In the event of an injury on the job, WAW can work to alleviate matters and secure payment or insurance to pay for the medical expenses and lost wages of the occupational ailment.
  • Non-Compete Agreements. WAW can arrange the details of a clause in which potential future competition is restricted after an employee’s termination or business contract in order to protect your company.
  • Employee Benefits. Additional indirect and non-cash benefits such as healthcare, insurance, and pension can be outfitted by WAW attorneys for your business’ employees.
  • Executive Compensation. WAW’s attorneys will help establish tax benefits and performance incentives for the executives in your company.
  • Anti-Discrimination Compliance and Litigation. Attorneys knowledgeable in employment law will ensure your business fulfills its obligations and protects its employees from wrongful discrimination.
  • Workplace Safety & OSHA. OSHA regulations are an integral part of business operations.  Understanding those regulations, especially when they change, is critical for employee safety and successful business operations.  If a business has workplace accident, is required to submit a report or is cited for a violation, knowing their rights and responsibilities is essential.   The attorneys at Wharton Aldhizer & Weaver PLC will apply their extensive OSHA knowledge and experience to each companies’ specific needs to find a cost-effective solution.