Ginger T. Chapman

Ginger T. Chapman

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Ginger T. Chapman


After university and a summer internship at sea aboard the NOAA/NMFS research vessels R/V Oregon and R/V Delaware in Outer George's Banks and the Gulf Coast, Ginger worked as lead scientist for Fish & Wildlife Service heading up several large scale area research projects. One of these projects involving commercial fisheries led to an interest in public policy thereby leading to law school in New England, where her background in the sciences proved useful in the field of patents and ten years at the Patent Office in Northern Virginia prior to joining Wharton Aldhizer & Weaver PLC. 

Her responsibilities as a patent Examiner included:

Analyzed patent applications in the fields of medical/surgical devices and polymers including dialysis machines, blood pumps, catheters, shunts, surgical adhesives and textiles and electronic tracking systems of hospital inventory for patentability and formulated and recommended appropriate action;

Communicated oral and written results of research and responses to arguments pertaining to patentability including Office Actions and Examiner's Answers to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, formerly the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences;

Conducted personal interviews with Attorneys and Inventors to resolve issues;

Drafted definitions for portions of the Cooperative Patent Classification schedule as part of Technology Center 3700 team.   


Most recently, she:

Prosecuted patent applications including drafting responses to USPTO Office Actions and developing persuasive arguments to address issues to obtain allowed claims.

Met with independent inventors to discuss disclosures and amendments to patent applications and communicate prosecution matters.

Conducted novelty, validity and infringement searches.


Previous experience:

Fish & Wildlife Services, Principal Investigator. Lead Scientist on three projects including designing and conducting a four-year bio-physical mapping of a four-nautical mile square area including submerged seabed and coastal wetlands using SCUBA and Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD), shared results and collaborated with The Nature Conservancy.

Formulated grant proposals and handled annual budgets of up to $150,000 in federal funds.

Conducted field research and statistical analysis of data collected, wrote technical reports and presented agency findings at public hearings.

University of the Virgin Islands (B.S., 1994)

Roger Williams University School of Law (J.D., 2002)


Admitted to Practice:

            U.S. Patent & Trademark Office           (2003)

            Commonwealth of Massachusetts         (2002)

Technical Reports:

Kojis, B.L., S. Meyers, G. Chapman. 1996, Recreational Fishery Habitat Assessment Project: Sport Fish Restoration Program, Final Report to US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of Planning and Natural Resources, Government of the Virgin Islands.

Quinn, N.J., B.L. Kojis, G. Chapman. 1993, Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus) Recruitment to Artificial Habitats in Waters off St. Thomas, USVI, Lobster Newsletter 6(1):3-4.

Chapman, G. 1994, Effects of Lunar Periodicity on Recruitment of Post-larval Peurili of the Spiny Lobster Panulirus argus in the Waters of St. Thomas, USVI. Results presented by Senior Scientist at 45th Session of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute.

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